Sound Space is a boutique sample library created and curated by Producer and sound designer RETRO1. Each collection brings multi-genre inspired compositions that can be used as a canvas for creativity. All compositions are created with a mix of analog and soft synthesizers, and manipulated with a medley of audio effects.

Sound Space brings experimental, modern, and vintage sounding compositions with endless potential.


All compositions are not royalty free, but master clearance is guaranteed. If a record is placed with a MAJOR LABEL using ANY composition purchased from Sound Space, all publishing will be split fairly with the creator(s) of composition(s) + Co-Production credit & fair split on up-front producer fee. If the compositions(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL releases, you may use them however you like.

To clear a sample, please email Soundspacesamples@gmail.com and provide the basic information regarding usage. After that, we can advise on clearance terms and issue an agreement to you for signature.