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Unparalleled Quality

Made by award-winning music producers, Sound Space offers R&B sample packs of unparralled quality.

Instant Delivery

Our instant delivery system means you can start cooking up immediately. Once your order is placed, you'll received the files instantly to your email.

Compatible with all DAWs

Whether you're producing on Ableton, Logic Pro, or in FL Studio, our samples all compatible with all DAWs.

Made with Real Instruments

Our samples are made with real instruments, analog synthesizers and quality audio effects so that the sound is authentic.

Clearance Guaranteed

We guarantee master clearance on our samples. To receive clearance, please read the instructions in the .zip file on when and how to get your track cleared.

Designed for Collaboration

Our samples are designed to make it easy for you to add your unique twist to the samples. Designed with space for your creativity to shine, our samples allow for true collaboration.

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Sound Space

Sound Space's boutique library of sample packs is meticulously crafted and curated by award-winning producers.

Each sample pack is a reflection of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, offering producers and musicians a diverse palette of sounds.

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